I-Dog Canicross harness Comfort Trek

The Comfort Trek harness for canicross sport. Designed for sporting activities such as hiking or simple walks. 


Fabric: polyester

Color: red


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The Comfort Trek dog harness from I-Dog is ideal for sporting activities such as hiking or walking. It meets the highest standards of comfort and lightness. The harness uses the shape of a traction harness and brings the undeniable advantage of being individually adjustable at key points, so that it adapts perfectly to the dog’s anatomy. The dog harness is therefore very comfortable for the dog and is suitable for walks and hikes. For intensive sporting activities and use in competition, on the other hand, I-Dog recommends resorting to the ONE or ALM product line.

Special attachment points allow you to attach the Confort Trek dog backpack, available separately.



  • Front Attachment Ring: The Confort Trek harness has a front pull ring that allows you to walk your dog without having to pull on the leash. The front pull ring is often used in dog training – it allows you to easily control the dog’s track.
  • Back attachment ring: Another ring on the back allows you to attach a lead or pull line for extra freedom of movement for your dog.
  • Attachment points for dog backpacks: The separately available dog backpack from the Comfort Trek product line can be easily attached to the special hooks. This allows the dog to carry his own water, food or accessories without being restricted in his comfort.
  • Ergonomic Grab Handle: An ergonomic handle on the top of the harness allows the dog to be easily guided when needed or restrained in an emergency.
  • Removable Pull Strap: Want to take your dog for a run? The Comfort Trek harness is equipped with a pull system located on both sides of the harness. You can hang a dog leash or a pull leash from this freely adjustable strap, which can also be removed.
  • Outer fabric: polyester. The harness features an ultra-resistant polyester outer fabric.
  • Mesh foam lining: mesh foam lining for maximum comfort and moisture absorption.
  • Reflective Edge Strip: A reflective strip has been incorporated into the edge of the harness to make it visible at night in difficult lighting conditions.
  • Multiple Adjustment Straps: The dog harness brings extreme comfort to your dog thanks to the adjustable straps that are attached to the entire harness. They provide a perfect fit and support the dog’s body shape so as not to interfere with its movements in everyday life and sports.
  • Neck adjustment: The harness can be adjusted on both sides of the neck to fit the size of the dog’s neck.
  • Belly adjustment: The traction harness has a second adjustment that allows you to adjust the ventral part, so that the straps of the harness are positioned at the level of the dog’s ribs and avoid the harness twisting due to the dog’s movements.
  • Lateral adjustment: Theharness has a third adjustment that allows the lateral connection between the ventral part of the harness and the upper part of the neck to be finely adjusted so that the tension between the straps connecting the lower part of the neck and those on the upper part of the neck is approximately the same.
  • Soft plastic buckles: Soft plastic adjustment buckles prevent physical discomfort and allow the harness to be put on easily.
  • Lightweight: Depending on the size, the harness weighs only between 350 and 500 grams.


Further notes:

  • Care: The harness can be cleaned by hand with soapy water. It is not recommended to use a washing machine.
  • Sizing: If the dog’s neck circumference is on the borderline between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the smaller size.


Size Selection:

The size of the harness is measured with a tape measure at the bottom of the neck and chest if possible. In the picture A is the rib cage, B is the neck circumference and C is the position of the collar. Choose the size of the harness by measuring A measuring as shown in the picture.

A represents the circumference of the chest and should be measured at the widest point. If the measurement of the dog’s chest circumference is between two sizes, it is better to choose the smaller size.









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