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Resco Spinner show lead WHEAT

Original Resco show lead. Made from waxed cotton material.
Show lead with swivel and neck-pad for small dogs.

Color: wheat

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American Made Resco Cordo-Hyde “Spinner” Show Leads. A unique wax-coated cotton material that can be balled up in the hand to hide the lead yet is stiff enough that the dog will respond to a handler’s tug on the lead in the show ring.

It has a built-in swivel at the neck that keeps the lead from tangling when the dog rotates. A neoprene rubber neck-pad takes the stress off the dog’s throat when there is tension on the lead.

  • Proudly hand-sewn in the USA
  • Wax coated cordo-hyde
  • Brass clip for a perfect fit
  • 4 colors: black, mahogany (dark brown), tan (red-brown) and wheat (beige)
  • Width 5mm
  • Swivel
  • Neoprene neck-pad

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10mm, 5mm