I-Dog Canicross Comfort Trek lead

The Comfort Trek pull lead for canicross sport.

Features a dual cushioning system. Adjustable length.

Fabric: polyester

Color: red


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The Confort Trek pull leash, from I-Dog ‘s Confort Trek product line, is designed to meet the needs of dogs engaged in intense athletic activity or city life with their masters. It features a dual cushioning system to control shock and jerking while running with the dog through two different types of springs: The elastic band consists of a 20 cm flat part (soft damping) and a round elastic band (harder damping). Two handles are integrated and can be adjusted according to your needs and type of use. You can also wear the leash as a shoulder strap or around the waist.


  • Double cushioning: the combination of a flat elastic band of 20cm length and a round elastic band with a stronger cushioning absorb jerks that occur when walking with your dog. For a comfortable traction transfer between dog and runner.
  • Ultra-light carabiner: weighing only 28 grams, the carabiner does not cause the leash to sway and provides a straight pull transmission while running.
  • Two handles and multiple uses: The leash can be used as a lead leash, as a canicross pull leash between the dog’s harness and waist belt, or around the shoulder or waist.
  • Length adjustment: The Confort Trek pull leash is adjustable in length. When set to the minimum, it measures between 178 cm (when relaxed) and 235 cm (when taut). When set to the maximum, the length measures between 238 and 293 cm.
  • Aluminium attachment: The pull line can be attached to the Comfort Trek waist belt with a snap hook via its aluminum attachment ring. In order to be able to follow the dog’s course better during the race, the carabiner of the harness is attached to the leash attachment so that it can move freely. Of course it is also possible to attach the leash to other I-Dog harnesses.

Care instructions: Machine washing is not recommended. The Confort Trek lead can easily be cleaned by hand with soapy water.